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How to access your Cisco Umbrella file

The Cisco Umbrella file is where we get the information to discover your Saas applications. 

To access your Cisco Umbrella file, first navigate to

On the left side of the screen, you will see a menu. Select Reporting>Activity Search.

If you would like to get a report on previous network activity, select your time interval from the drop down titled "Last 24 Hours". Otherwise, see below.

Select "Download", you can then choose where the file will be located on your machine.

Choose a title for your report, and how many rows you would like in your result, then select "Export". Finally, choose where you would like your file to be located on your machine and you're done!

To schedule a report, select "Schedule".

Review the your report filter settings, change any fields by clicking on them. Select "Continue".

Select how often and at when you would like to receive your reports. Select "Continue"

Select the email that you want the reports to be sent to and hit "Save". All of your scheduled reports will be emailed to you when they complete.

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