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How were my productivity and security grades calculated?

Our grades are calculated based on the proportion of your low productivity or high security risk applications to the total number of applications.

That proportion is then classified with a letter grade. 

  [0%, 2.5%]A+
2.6% <=      <= 5.1%A
[5.2%, 7.7%]
[7.8%, 10.3%]B+
[10.4%, 12.9%]B
[13.%, 15.5%]B-
[15.6%, 18.1%]C+
[18.2%, 20.7%]C
[20.8%, 23.3%]C-
[23.4%, 25.9%]D
[26.0%, 28.5%]E
[28.6%, 100%]F

For example if you had 50 high risk apps and 400 total known applications, that's 12.5% which we consider a B+.

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