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How to add Subsriptions to Optimize

There are 2 ways to add Subscriptions to Optimize, you can add from your Saas Configuration page, or from within Optimize itself.

Let's start with how to add Subscriptions from within Optimize:

To start, navigate to the Optimize > Subscriptions tab. and select "Add Subscriptions"

Use the search bar to find the application you're looking for, select "Add" and then "Add Subscription(s)"

And you're done! You should be able to see your application among the subscriptions.

Now to add a subscription from Saas Configurations!

To Start, navigate to the Configuration > SaaS Applications tab and search for your application by typing in the search bar.

Once you've found your application, select the dollar sign icon in the "Subscription" column, and that's it!

The Application will now be in your subscriptions in Optimize.

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