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Release Notes

In this release, we are very excited to bring the following new features to Augmentt’s already robust offering. The focus of this release is adding Augmentt Engage Essentials as an offering. This new offering will allow MSPs to initiate their most often requested tasks from within the Engage dashboard. 

Simply enter the email address for your PSA ticketing system in the provided area and you are ready to go! You are now able to select an employee from within the Engage dashboard and a task that you would like to accomplish. The system will now send a ticket to your PSA system with a click of a button. All the needed information to be able to fulfill the request will be automatically sent to your PSA system, no need to worry about filling in the details Engage will do that for you!

Augmentt Premium features are here!

In this release, we have added great new PREMIUM features to  Augmentt Discover and Augmentt Optimize. These new features allow for MSPs and users to benefit from using the Augmentt suite even more. In this release, we have added the ability to….

Integrate with Quickbooks

Using this new integration you are now able to pull the SaaS application subscription information from your customers Quickbook instance. Doing this will increase the accuracy of the subscription details that are reported in Augmentt Optimize. Using the Optimize Reconciliation page you begin to ensure that all of your customers' subscription details are accurate and up to date. Once you reconcile the SaaS subscriptions that cannot be merged with existing subscriptions in Augmentt Optimize you can then view the Licenses Usage Analysis page.


This new feature will let you see where your customers are spending too much on SaaS subscriptions. By comparing the subscription costs in Quickbooks to what has been discovered in Augmentt Optimize you can report back to your customers where they are paying for subscriptions that are not being widely used. The savings will surprise you (and them)!

Browser Extension Discovery

We are very pleased to announce that we have added a new way for you to discover the SaaS applications that your customer users are accessing. Using this new discovery system you will now be able to see the SaaS applications that the individual users are accessing without your customers' knowledge. Simply install the Browser extension on a Google Chrome browser and the SaaS applications will begin to be reported in Augmentt Discover. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Another great feature that we have added is the ability to turn Multi-Factor Authentication on for customers that want extra security when accessing Augmentt. Enabling this feature will utilize Google Authenticator to act as a second layer of security before a user is able to access the system. 

As I mentioned we are very excited to bring you the above features as we think they will help to simplify how you service your customer while adding a lot of value to your customer offering. On top of the above great features, we have also added the following features that will bring you even more value…

SaaS application Information page.

Want to know more information concerning a SaaS subscription? You are now able to by clicking on the SaaS application name in Augmentt Discover and Optimize. You can now see supplemental information on the SaaS Vendor. Some of the information available will be Contact Information, Information on the CEO, links to the website, privacy statement, and terms and conditions.

Several minor improvements are also included with this release:

  • the ability to flag an employee as an Administrator in the SaaS Subscription details.

  • All SaaS applications in the Recognized SaaS list will automatically be set to the approved status.

  • MSP Logo Branding - ability to customize the system Logo and Favicon.

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