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Deploy via AMP

       Download the .zip file attached to this article.

  1. Extract the .zip file to your local device. 

  1. Within the N-Central portal, on the left-hand navigation, under Configuration -> ScheduledTasks, click on ‘Script/Software Repository’  


  1. At the top of the listing, click on Add, then on Automation Policy    . 

  1. Click on the ‘Browse’ button to the right of the ‘File Name’ field, and navigate to the extracted .zip file, and select the desired .amp file: 

  1. Augmentt Deployment Script LOCAL: Used for deployment to local devices, such as Laptops and Desktops. 

  1. Augmentt Deployment Script SERVER: Used for deployment to servers. 

  1. Augmentt Deployment Script URLUsed to deploy from the agent at a public URL. 

  1. NOTE: OneDrive / Google Drive links are not considered a public URL, and will not work.  

  1. Augmentt Monitoring Service: Used to monitor the agent (above) is running on the device(s).  

  1. On the left-hand navigation, under Actions, click on ‘Run an Automation Policy.’ 

  1. In the ‘Repository Item’ drop-down, select the Augmentt Deployment Script. 


  1. Under the ‘Input Parameters,’ first input the location of the Augmentt Discovery Agent Installer. 

  1. You can download the installer for the company from the attachments below.

  1. Next, enter the License Key from the Augmentt Portal: 

  1. From the Augmentt Portal, expand ‘Configuration’ in the left-hand navigation pane. 

  1. Click on Files. 

  1. Here, you will find a list of the companies you’ve added, and their license keys. Click on the icon to the right of the key to copy it to your clipboard, and paste it into the N-Able portal, into the Command Line Parameters field.  





At this time, you can continue to the next tabs to target specific devices and schedule the deployment of the agent.  

Deploy via Push 3rd Party Software

You can begin by uploading a copy of the Augmentt Discovery Agent to your Software Repository under Configuration > Scheduled Tasks > Script/Software repository.  Augmentt has a single agent for all customers, the license key ensures it calls in to the right MSP/Company.  As such, you can store this at your SO level.

Alternatively, you can simply upload it from your computer at the time you are deploying.

Go to Actions > Push Third Party Software under the appropriate Customer

Either select the Augmentt Discovery Agent from the Repository or upload it from your computer.

The command line parameter may prefill with some information, but it does not actually inject any of the install or quiet parameters behind the scene.  Do note the lack of msiexec, this is injected by N-central.  As such, use the following command line parameters;

/i DiscoveryAgentSetup.msi /qn WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS="/VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /extensionKey=yourkeygoeshere"

Update the MSI file name if you saved it differently, and yourkeygoeshere with the Augmentt License Key for the appropriate company.  Keep the double quotes for the WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS

Select your targets and deploy!

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