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LDAP set up instructions


Step 1: Domain admin (Azure AD Admin) should login to a) Navigate to Enterprise Applications

 a) Then click on + New Application 


b) Click on Create your own application 


c) Enter the name of app (any name) 

d) take note on the Application (client) ID & Directory (tenant) ID, you need these values when you register for LDAP integration in 


Step 2: Click on Certificates & Secrets 


a) Click on + New Client Secret 


b) Enter the name you prefer and period you want to keep this secret active and click add. Note: if it expires, the Augmentt Integration has to be updated with new secret to continue the integration. 


c) Copy the secret to a secure location (you need this value on Augmentt UI to complete the setup) 


Step 3: Click on + Add a permission 


a) This will generate a list of permission bucket names in the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to reach the User section and select the below check box and click on Add Permissions 


Step 4: Now click on the Grant admin consent for..... button. The rights granted here are to allow read only access to read the list of users in that AD. Note: If you do not have admin rights on the Azure AD, this step has to be completed by the Administrator. 


Thats all, now you are ready to complete the Integration by entering ClientId, TenantId, Secret in the Integration UI screen on 



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