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V2.7 Release Notes

Augmentt 2.7 is here!  We’ve listened to our partners who want a more streamlined view of SaaS activity and the ability to clean up user lists to ensure every user in every list is chock full of SaaS data for you to review.

Here’s your big update and you can find more details below:

  1. Brand new Discover Homepage to view all your SaaS activity
  2. New custom reporting service available via Augmentt Assist
  3. The ability to map agents to users & clean up user lists
  4. And much more!

1. New Homepage for SaaS Discovery Data

Discover now has a Brand New overview page, significantly enhanced to show you the SaaS app usage mapped to the employees accessing those apps.      

All SaaS Usage Data in One Screen

New pie charts give you high level view insights to guide your investigation.

See The Employees Using Each Application

Click on the number of employees to see a breakdown of the employees for that app and their individual usage to easily identify who is using unapproved applications, or who has low adoption of sanctioned apps.

Responsive Dashboard that updates as you apply filters

Filter the list of apps for Companies, Employees or Applications to quickly get the insights you are looking for.  Dynamically get insights with pie charts that update instantly, to let you know if there’s something worth digging into.

2. Let Augmentt help you with Augmentt Assist

At Augmentt we try our best to be SaaS experts and think about it 24/7 but not every partner of ours has that luxury. Maybe SaaS services are one of 20 different offerings that you have for your customers. We totally get it and that’s why Augmentt Assist is here to help you out.

Our team will work with you to understand what type of service you are offering and what a weekly or monthly SaaS report needs to look like for your customers. After that we can simply deliver a scheduled report or take it even further to help you review the data and make recommendations to customers.

Here’s a brief overview of Augmentt Assist

  • Customized Reports delivered to you or your clients’ inboxes regularly
  • Interactive dashboards for your to make recommendations to customers
  • With premium Assist tiers we can help you gain new Insights into your clients’ SaaS usage

3. Mapping Agents to users and cleaning up user lists

Track which Agents are Deployed & Ensure they are Assigned to Users

We’ve further enhanced our agent to employee matching algorithms by pulling more information from devices and user profiles, when available.  When a match isn’t found automatically, select from a list of unassigned agents to ensure they get mapped to employees.

Clean up User Lists with a new Ignore feature

Azure Active Directory syncing saves a lot of time, but inserts many accounts that aren’t actually employees.  To solve this, you can now move employees to an Ignore list so they remain hidden and don’t affect Discover data and reporting.

Setup these new options in Configurations > Employees & Departments.

The following bugs were resolved:

  • Editing an application hangs on the edit screen
  • Downloaded reports will not open in Adobe Acrobat
  • App approval appears different in SaaS Applications vs Discover


Interested in seeing how Augmentt could help you manage M365 users? We’d love to chat! Send me an email:

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