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V2.8 Release Notes

Augmentt 2.8 is here!   We know, it hasn’t been long, but we’re pushing great new capabilities fast and furious!

Manage your SaaS App’s from an MSP level

As all things MSP, we know you try to keep things consistent, and manage exceptions as needed.   To facilitate this, Augmentt now has an All Companies view to manage your SaaS app’s settings, so you can spend less time managing and more time discovering valuable insights.

SaaS Applications All Companies View

The All Companies view displays the discovered apps for all your companies, or all the SaaS apps that are recognized by Augmentt at the flip of a toggle, so you can easily configure all your SaaS apps settings.  This is a great way to flag your preferred application stacks and services, while easily managing company level exceptions.

Review company level exceptions at-a-glance from the All Companies view, no switching between companies or playing the guessing game.  With our wonderfully throughout design, you can ensure your application settings are correct at all levels.

 v2.8 All SaaS Applications View

Bulk Edit SaaS Apps

MSP technicians such as yourself are busy folks, so our focus on efficiency as a foundation is key.   We have 2 bulk edit options to fulfill this.

Select multiple applications and use the quick dropdowns to easily set the same value to all the applications.

 Alternatively, choose the Edit option and we’ll open them in an inline editor view so you can set different settings per application.  Both options are much quicker than editing each application individually.

v2.8 Bulk Edit SaaS Application Selection

v2.8 Bulk Edit Application


Apply Exceptions to Multiple Companies

When at the All Companies level, bulk edits can be saved for All Companies or for select customers, allowing you that full management of your tenant exceptions from a single screen!   No need to move from customer to customer to configure exceptions.

v2.8 Bulk Select Multiple Companies

Review & Manage Company Exceptions Seamlessly

It’s easy to forget what changes have been made for specific companies over time.  From the All Companies level, each application highlights if exceptions are applied.  Selecting the exception number will display the companies that have an exception and what those exceptions are in correlation to your All Companies settings.  You can easily remove these exceptions from this same screen in case you need to re-align a company with your best practices.

v2.8 Managing Company SaaS Application Exceptions

Do you support Google Workspaces for your customers?  We’d love to learn more about it.  Please drop me a message if you could spare some time to chat about it,


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