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Augmentt 3.0 Release Notes

Brand New Engage Module with M365 User Management

Simplify onboarding, offboarding, day to day user support and security reporting for all your customers with our multi-tenant M365 integration.  With hacking being at the forefront of concern for MSP’s and SMB’s, Augmentt simplifies your Zero Trust strategy by reducing the amount of access your technicians need to perform common M365 user management tasks.   With a simple integration performed by an administrator, Augmentt can be leveraged to manage your M365 users with all the best practices selected by default in our workflows.

Manage Accounts

Create Users & Assign Licenses

Create M365 users from scratch or by choosing an employee from your Augmentt Employees list.  Assign available M365 licenses, easily find a co-worker to email the account information to.   This process has never been so smooth!

Reset Passwords

Got a call from Tommy who asked you to reset his password and email it to his manager “Sara”?  Quickly generate and reset passwords.  Use the employee finder to find “Sara” with our department and role filters.   “Echo””Bravo””1” after playing phone-tag, no-more!

Manage Security

Block User Sign In

Disabling accounts is vital when there are concerns for intrusion.  

Sign Users Out Of All Apps

Think someone is logged in that shouldn’t be?  Laptop got stolen?  Kick them out after you’ve reset those passwords!

Manage MFA

Generate a simple report of MFA status for all your users for a given company.  Easily enable/disable MFA in bulk, M365 MFA management doesn’t get much simpler than this.

 Want more apps integrated?  Let’s have a chat, I’d love to know which app you’d like to see integrated next!


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