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Powershell Integration for Microsoft 365

Why do I need Powershell Authentication?

PowerShell is used in place of the Microsoft API for actions not yet exposed by M365 such as:

  • Converting a mailbox to shared
  • Giving a user access to another's OneDrive 
  • Retrieving and removing email alias's
  • Removing delegate permissions from a user

When using PowerShell actions within Microsoft, the provided credentials cannot have MFA enabled. If MFA is enabled the secondary authentication cannot be validated at the time of execution of the command, which will result in an error. 

We recommend creating a Service User with proper access to ensure the security of regular System Users.  Such accounts credentials will be securely encrypted and stored in our system only to be used at the time of execution for the above actions.


Registering the PnP Powershell Module

What is PnP Powershell and why do I need it?

PnP PowerShell is a cross-platform PowerShell Module providing over 500 cmdlets that work with Microsoft 365 environments and more specifically SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Flow.  Augmentt leverages this module to bring Onedrive management capabilities to the Engage M365 actions.

How do I register the PnP Powershell Module?

  • Launch a Powershell windows As Administrator
  • The code below will check if the module is installed, and install it if not already present, then launch the application registration, paste the code below in your Powershell window
if (Get-InstalledModule PnP.Powershell) {
            Write-Host "PnP.Powershell is already installed."
else {
            try {
                        Install-Module -Name PnP.Powershell -force
            catch [Exception] {


When prompted, login with your Service Account which should be a Global Administrator.

Your configuration is complete!

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