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Augmentt Discovery Agent Technical Details

The Augmentt Discovery agent uploads SaaS usage data from Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox. In addition to the standard company level rollup of information, technicians can also see SaaS usage for individual users.


Install - The agent may be installed manually, via group policy or with your RMM platform

Supported Browsers - Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox 

Supported Operating Systems - Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac OSX 10.15.7 or greater (Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey)

Upload Frequency - The uploads occur when a user's machine starts and every 6 hours after that.


Agent Installation

  • The Augmentt Agent installer requires the license key shown in the picture above at time of install and regardless of installation method the technician must provide this information
  • Manual Install - Using a manual installation aid like ORCA allows MSPs to pass the Agent license key as a parameter at time of install
  • Group Policy - The MSP can follow the Setup Instructions on the Agent configuration page to create a group policy and globally install to a group of machines
  • RMM - Most RMM platforms use automation scripts to simplify mass installation of patches, agents, etc. The agent has been tested by customers using both N-central & ConnectWise but any RMM with automation scripts will work just fine


Data Upload

  • The Agent runs in the background on an end user's workstation as a Windows service
  • The agent will upload all browser history data when the agent starts (e.g. the workstation first boots up) and again every 6 hours after that
  • To force an earlier upload an MSP technician can manually restart the agent


User Level Data

  • A technician can view SaaS usage for each end user as long as their workstation Username or workstation First and Last name match an employee that the MSP has created in Augmentt
  • If there is no employee that matches the Workstation Username or First name/last name, then the data will show up as anonymous SaaS traffic at the company level view

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