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Automatic Retrieval of Cisco logs from Amazon S3

This new data collection feature eliminates the need for manual upload of Cisco DNS log data to Augmentt. By leveraging Cisco Umbrella's free 30-day rolling S3 storage your logs can be automatically stored to S3 and then retrieved by Augmentt. 


All that's needed is to turn on your Cisco logging to S3 (make sure you select all customers and 1 S3 bucket per customer) then enter the credentials in Augmentt and each day at midnight your logs will automatically be pulled into the system.


Cisco S3 Storage Details

  • Cisco Umbrella customers receive 30 days of free storage to a Cisco hosted S3 bucket
  • Cisco Umbrella must be configured so that a separate S3 Bucket is created for each tenant
  • The Umbrella logging services creates CSV log files in regular 5-10 minute increments
  • In order to inspect an S3 bucket a 3rd party tool such as S3 Browser may be required


Augmentt Configuration

  • After configuring S3 retrieval with the Data Path, Access Key, and Secret Key, the log files will be retrieved at the next retrieval window
  • Augmentt will download all log files each day at midnight and process them in the order received

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