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Updated License Management

3.1 Release Notes

We've simplified how licenses are managed within Augmentt.  Here's what's changed.

Easy to Manage Employees View

The employees view now displays licensing information, so you can manage your Discover and Engage licenses to ensure all appropriate Employees are covered.  It’s as easy as using the insight filters and bulk-assigning licenses.

Updated License Center

The license center gives you a nice overview of your license assignment throughout your tenants.  Here you can enable/disable auto-assignment of licenses and review current consumption.  By default, we've enabled auto-assign on all your tenants at the time of release.  As you create new Companies, this will be an option that you can deselect.

Ignoring Employees

It's typical to get many employees that shouldn't have licensing applied when integrating M365/Azure.  All you have to do is ignore those accounts/mailboxes from the Employees and Departments page, we'll automatically un-assign those licenses for you even if auto-assign is enabled for this company.

What Happens to Unlicensed Employees for Discover?

Simply put, if you have an agent deployed and mapped to an employee without a Discover license assigned, their data won't show up in Discover or Reports.

What Happens to Unlicensed Employees for Engage?

The employees won't appear in the Engage page and you won't be able to perform actions against them.  The Add license function remains available.  Adding a new user will automatically assign an Engage license to that newly created Employee/M365 user.

Can I Add More Licenses?

Of course you can! (but not on your own).  Reach out to your sales rep or click the Contact Sales button in the License Center and we'll get back to you asap!

Got a feature request for us?  This is a direct line to Product Management:  I'm 2% ears (I think).  Dem some big ears!

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