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Mac Agent


Mac OSX 10.15.7 or greater

Supported browsers - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge


Step 1 - Download the agent

Go To your Augmentt Dashboard and under Configuration Tab click on Data.

On the Data page the Agent tab is the default landing page. On the top right of the page is the button to select what Agent version you want to download. Click on it and then select the Mac Version. The download should begin automatically.

On the same page copy the license key for that company to use in a later step

Step 2 - Enable admin rights

Once the Agent zip file has been downloaded open up Terminal and run the below command

sudo –s

The admin rights are to enable the agent to be able to autonomously push the data to your Augmentt account for the users Saas history, add the files to the users Library and for chmod command execution

Step 3 - Navigate to the downloaded folder within terminal

Step 4 – Run the following commands

chmod +x *.*

If you have any previous install, run ./


Step 5 - Confirm that “Full Disk Access” has been given to the agent under the Privacy Tab within the Security & Privacy Settings menu

At this point the agent should be making its first push to Augmentt with the Saas usage of the user. The agent will make a push every time the service is started and from there every 6 hours afterwards.

To remove the Agent from the machine, navigate to the folder from the zip and run the cleanup command again


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