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Creating a Report

Reporting on Discover Data:

You can run reports on Discover data from within the Augmentt Portal ( by following the below steps:

Configure Filters:

You can report on data from either all Discover-enabled companies, or a specific end-client company by selecting either ‘All companies’ for the former, or the company name for the latter from the drop-down:

In the upper-right hand corner, use the date drop-down to select the desired date range for the reported data:

Next, use the ‘User filters’ sections to filter the data down further:

Finally you can filter by any of the columns in the table to filter the data even further:

The charts and tables will all update to show data for the specific filters. At this time, you can then run your desired report type (.pdf, .csv, .xlsx) by clicking on the ‘Export’ button in the upper right-hand corner:

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