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v.2021.11 - Secure is here!

Shield your customers from bad actors.  Augmentt Secure protects your M365 user identities and provides you the best practices you need to have in place to keep your customers and reputation safe.   Dive in to see how this feature helps you lock in the sale, provide effective security services and continually show your value to your customers.

  • Monitor threat alerts
  • Monitor MFA
  • Ensure M365 and your user identities are secure

How do we make M365 security easy?

Secure Threat Report – Helps you identify and highlight the status of your prospects’ M365 environment and vulnerability of the users, so you can effectively communicate the additional security layers you can provide for your customers and seal the deal.

Security Posture – There’s a minimum set of things that should be done to every M365 environment to ensure it remains secure, best practices if you will.  We’ve gathered these best practices by talking to many MSP’s and security professionals.  We’re not giving you fluff that doesn’t work, we know MSP’s deal with different environments than the Enterprise, which is why these baselines are tailored to you and your customers.  Secure takes all the guesswork out of making your environment secure and makes it ridiculously easy to see if things are out of line.

  • Admin MFA – Obviously, you want all your admins to have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled.
  • User MFA – We know this is an uphill battle, but you know, and your customers should know, that this is extremely important.  Microsoft themselves said that 99.9% of infiltrations could still be prevented by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Login Portal Branding – A visual cue that you’re being phished!  Set this and remind your customers to be vigilant in looking out for this.  This is your time to add some flair and be bold so it’s obvious.  “Customer logo – secured by MSP”, perhaps?
  • Self-service Password Reset – The best way to keep a password out of prying eyes, is to ensure that it doesn’t have to go through a 3rd party.  While inevitably, MSP techs need to reset passwords, employees should be empowered to self-service these requests.
  • Password Reset Notification – Users being informed of password resets on their account is a great security layer for unwanted resets.
  • Admin Password Reset Notification – Admins being informed of password resets on other admin accounts ensures a second pair of eyes on potential infiltration attempts.
  • Inactive Accounts – These are vulnerable to intrusion, unused accounts don’t have anyone to notice changes to their account.  Get rid of them!
  • Teams Default External/Guest Options – Out of the box, Microsoft leaves this wide open for external file sharing.  Allowing a file for external sharing, or re-sharing should be a conscious decision by users, not the default.

MFA Dashboard – MFA across your customer environments is a project of its own.  This is why we provide a full overview dashboard of MFA across your clients, as well as more detailed user MFA statuses at each of your customers.  Be aware of your vulnerable users and your progression towards a more secure, full MFA environment.

  • Discover MFA status based on Security Defaults, MFA console or Conditional Access policies.   Yup, we’ll read the groups and everything to make this easy and accurate!
  • Augmentt understands there’s a difference between Enforced MFA and Enabled MFA, and CAP “challenge” MFA.  We aggregate the Enforced and MFA challenge into an MFA “required” status.
  • See who has completed registration, both as an overview and per-user details.
  • See what authentication methods your users are using, to ensure they’re following your policies.

Summary Report – MSP’s constantly need to iterate the value they bring to their customers.  The Summary Report will ensure you can continually communicate and display that value, as well as the ongoing reasons why your services provide recurring benefit.

Ready to get going?  Check out our Getting Started guide. 

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