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Uninstall Augmentt Agent

Augmentt Discovery Agent Uninstall Process 


There are two main methods to uninstall the Augmentt Discovery Agent: Manual Removal, and RMM / Automated Method. 


Manual Removal: 

On the device you wish to remove the agent from, click on the ‘Start’ button in the lower left-hand corner of the desktop, and type in ‘Add or remove programs,’ and hit the enter key.  

In the next window, scroll down the application list until you see ‘Augmentt Discovery Agent.’  

Click on that entry, and then on ‘Uninstall.’ This will remove the agent from the device.  


RMM / Automated Method: 

You can also use an RMM to remove the agent from a single device, or a larger list of devices at the same time. Using your RMM, you can run the below batch command: 

For agent


For agent



This will silently remove the software from any targeted devices.  


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