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MFA Alerts

What are MFA alerts

MFA alerts monitor for degradation in an M365 environment's MFA posture, by evaluating the state of the users' MFA.

Why should I monitor MFA

As per Microsoft, 99.9% of cyberattacks can be prevented simply by enabling MFA.  Monitoring your customer's MFA posture ensures that they remain compliant and hardened against attacks.

Alert Logic

MFA regression (admin and user):

Hardcoded logic based on the following:

  • Logic is not evaluated at the time the integration/feature enablement.  We don't want to hammer your inbox with notifications for nothing
  • Daily comparisons evaluated(previous days record at scan time vs new record at scan time)
  • Alert is sent if a previous days record was compliant (MFA required) and the new record is non-compliant (MFA not required).  **Note here that while the risk delta could have regressed by a user no longer requiring MFA, they could still be enrolled, but the lack of requirement means they could also disable MFA, leaving a security risk.  This is why we chose to focus on MFA required vs enrollment, as MSP's typically are in control of enforcing the requirements
  • When a new user is added to the environment without MFA requirement, a notification will not be generated, as that is their baseline state.  This avoids unnecessary notifications for things like Service Accounts.

Email Notification Layout

Subject; <user/admin> MFA Alert for <tenant>

Tenant: <tenant>

Discovered on: yyyy-mm-dd




Name: <user1>

Email: <email1>

Previous State: Enabled (yyyy-mm-dd)

Current State: Disabled (yyyy-mm-dd)


Name: <user2>

Email: <email2>

Previous State: Enabled (yyyy-mm-dd)

Current State: Disabled (yyyy-mm-dd)



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