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Applying Licenses

License Types

There are 2 Secure License Types.  See Essentials vs Premium for details.

License Subscription Strategy

While Secure Licenses are applied to individual employees, the value our Secure Features provide to MSP's is at an Organizational level.  As such, Secure is a full consumption model per tenant.  This means that each managed employee will receive a license automatically upon enabling Secure for a tenant, as well as new employees added in the future.

Ignored employees, mailboxes, etc are not considered managed and will not consume licenses.  They will also be excluded from the posture checks.

How to Enable Secure

Navigate to the Employee Section

Select the appropriate Company to apply Secure from the Company selector.

Click the Select All checkbox for the employee list,  Secure Licensing > Enable Secure.

Select the Essential or Premium license type (based on what you have purchased) and click the Enable button.

Upon being enabled, the Secure icon will light up in the Assigned to column.  A half shield to indicate Secure Essentials and a full shield to include Secure Premium.

Switching Secure Licenses

Switching licenses is simple.  Follow the same process for enabling Secure Licenses and select the appropriate License Type from the Secure Licensing menu.

Disabling Secure

Similar to enabling and switching Licenses. From the Employee page, select All Employees, select Secure Licensing > Disable Secure.

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