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How Is the Salesforce Health Check Score Calculated?


The Health Check score is calculated by a proprietary formula that measures how well your security settings meet either the Salesforce Baseline Standard or your selected custom baseline.  

Settings that meet or exceed compliance raise your score, and settings at risk lower your score. 

There are four risk categories: High-Risk, Medium-Risk, Low-Risk, and Informational. The risk categories affect your Health Check score, with High-Risk settings counting the most, Low-Risk settings counting the least, and Medium-Risk settings, well, they’re in the middle. Settings in the Informational category don’t factor into your Health Check score.  

If all settings meet or exceed the standard, your total score is 100%. As you update your settings, your green bar moves to the right! 

Your grade is based on your score. 

90% and above = Excellent  

80%–89% = Very Good  

70%–79% = Good  

55%–69% = Poor  

54% and below = Very Poor  

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Description automatically generated 

If your total score is... 

We recommend to... 


Remediate high risks immediately 


Remediate high risks in the short term, and medium risks in the long term 


Review Health Check periodically to remediate risks 


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