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How it works

Monitoring & Alerting Frequency

Our servers update your Secure Posture Audit daily (weekends included).  Every morning at 8am EST, the latest data is run through our logic processor to verify if your Secure Posture has regressed on the policies for which Alerting is enabled. Emails for any regressions will be sent immediately at this time.

Enable Alerting

In Augmentt, navigate to Configuration > Alerts

Here, you can toggle the different alerts, from the Tenant or All Companies view.  The tenant view allows you to choose more granular options when available, and send test alerts.

All Companies

Specific Company

Alerts Format

We currently support alerts via email. These can be configured to be sent directly to your PSA, or any stakeholder based on preference.

The emails do not contain any html, and should be easily parsed by your PSA.

A single email will be sent per day, per policy type.  All security posture regressions for a single policy type will be aggregated into a single email.

Testing Alerts

To help in configuring of email or PSA routing rules, it is possible to trigger a Test Alert for each alert type by going to your Alerts configuration page and selecting the specific Tenant.  Clicking the button will generate a test alert with fake data in the same format as a real alert.

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