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Discover Scheduled Reports & Agent Update

I am happy to announce the release of Scheduled Reports for Discover and the GA release of our updated Windows Agent


Discover Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports help you save time by bubbling up the important details of your customer’s SaaS usage over a chosen period.  Easily view Restricted, Unapproved Risky apps, Unknown apps and New Apps discovered over the timeframe, and who used them.  Opt-in/out of any of the subsections to customize the report to your needs.

During great discussions with our partners, it was made obvious that these will typically be monthly reports used in presentations and conversations by the Account Managers, which is why you can configure Discover reports with a separate email per tenant.

Choose from Daily, Weekly or Monthly automatic schedules to fit your need, we’ve got Quarterly options on the way!

Setup in the Configuration > Alerts section of our app is easy.

  • Add a recipient
  • Enable the Alert
  • Select the sections to be included


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Secure Alert - New User without MFA 

This new Secure Alert helps you keep a strong MFA posture, by ensuring that newly created users have MFA required, and will notify you otherwise.

Toggle this alert On in the Configuration > Alerts page.


See our Knowledge for more details: Secure Alerts & Monitoring

Windows Agent

We have promoted our beta agent to GA.  What’s included?

  • Moved to exe package rather than MSI, allowing simpler deployment via RMM tools
  • Streamlined uninstall script
  • Security fixes
  • Onboarding heartbeat (call in to confirm successful install)
  • Gather 7 days of data on install to give you a better view of the prospect’s environment

For deployment instructions, please review our Agent Deployment section

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